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  Caprecia Myree is an International Life Coach, Spiritual Leader and Business owner with the passion to uplift others and cleanse the mind, body and souls of those seeking change within themselves. Caprecia is very skilled and knowledgable  and uses her talent to mentor, train and help others gain a stronger sense of confidence and self-worth. Additionally, she offers master classes, teachings and tips to keep you balanced and in-focus. Having  experience education in Eastern natural alternatives and emotional spiritual health  has provided her with valuable tools for effective holistic practice.

   Caprecia's desire to expand her holistic practice lead her to Malayasia in 2014. There she learned balance her own mind, body and spirit before expanding her practice to help others. She feels privileged to have experienced living briefly in Singapore and traveling to Amsterdam and Japan. 

     Caprecia has been passionately involved in  community outreach all of her life. At Jacksonville State University where she studied sociology, she dedicated her spare time to the Student Government Association's Activity Council  & NAACP.  She also joined a number of community groups such as The Local Organizing Committee  and  in 2015 she was the lead organizer for the Black Lives Matter  in Columbus, Ga. 

If your desire is to live a more purposeful  life, search no further!  Allow Caprecia Myree to help you ignite your passions and bring dreams to reality!   

Our Coaching Culture



1.) Proven Scientific and Spiritual techniques: Assistance  in connecting to your subconscious/unreported mental activity. 

2.) Strategic Alternative Solutions: All services and therapies are designed for your Mind, Body & Spirit Lifestyle.

3.) Morality and Integrity: Inclusive learning and personal develop is Our top priority.  All religions & paths of life are treated with Love, Dignity & Respect.

4.) WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS:  We do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. We are consultants & make suggestions relating to Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed. 

5.) 100% Money- Back Guarantee: We  are so confident that our services will empower you Inside & Out that we will refund 100% of  your cash back if you are not satisfied. 


To meet someone as positive and motivating as Caprecia Myree has truly been a blessing. When trials become obstacles leading to dead ends, her advice mirror that of a nurturer. Enabling one to go forward with life acquiring an unsettling energy that lasts within oneself.

- Shakeina Grant

When I first reached out to Caprecia, I was at a real low place in my life. I had never met her before but she embraced me like she knew me her whole life. She never judged me about anything I confided in her about. Most importantly she gave me the encouragement and resources I needed at the time. Coaching with her helped me become better in my prayer life. I talk to God daily now and it wasn’t really until I got help from Caprecia that I realized how necessary that was. She is certainly a gift to this world and I promise she will bless your life.

- Sade Kelly 

Since the 1st day I worked with this company I have received amazing customer service! The passion is shown in so many ways. I recommend this company to Anatole who is looking for the best and to be the best!

- Gabrielle Devine Mua 

When I think about Caprecia I remember this Bible scripture :” Do not let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12 NLT)  Caprecia Myree is an inspiration to women and men everywhere. She has been a blessing to me, and my family not only spiritually but physically, as she visits Atlanta regularly. She is patient, loving, and kind, and a  trend setter non- the -less. I love you Pre!


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